Gooseneck Car Trailers

Gooseneck car trailers are trailers that carry cars and hitch to the bed of a tow vehicle. Gooseneck trailers utilize a ball that is mounted in to a truck bed. Gooseneck hitches should not be confused with 5th wheel hitches as they are very different. A gooseneck is connected to the tow vehicle by lowering the coupler down on to a ball. A 5th wheel is a pin system that is used by backing the tow vehicle up until the pin locks in to a place. The 5th wheel hitch is generally mounted in a truck permanently and limits the functionality of the tow vehicles bed. Gooseneck hitches are generally preferred because of the turn over ball system that allows full use of any tow vehicles bed with a simple procedure. Gooseneck car trailers generally start at 36′ in length and can be as long as 53′. 53′ is the US DOT’s maximum trailer length. Gooseneck trailers are easier to pull and maneuver compared to bumper pulls due to their pivot point.