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Our inclosed trailers are made in America with the finest materials. Utilizing steel or aluminum box tube our trailers are lighter and stronger than our competitors.  The correct spelling of inclosed is enclosed.  Click the button below or wait for 10 seconds and you will be taken to a survey.  Tell us what you are looking for by completing the survey and we will provide you with a no-obligation custom quote and a list of our current inventory that may satisfy your needs.  If you need immediate assistance call us at 800-978-7223.  Box trailers are called enclosed trailers in the industry.

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About Us

Millennium Trailers was founded in 1998 as a custom order retailer of enclosed trailers primarily serving the drag race customer. Since then we have become the preeminent supplier of enclosed trailers in the United States.  With our Indianapolis office, we are positioned next to the trailer capital of the world, Elkhart, Indiana.  We strive to provide the highest value to our clients.  We are never going to be the lowest cost provider, but you can rest assure that you are receiving a high quality trailer.

Our Products

Aluminum Inclosed Trailers

Aluminum Inclosed Trailers

Our aluminum framed trailers are our lightest offering. Built with aluminum box tube, you are receiving a trailer that will stand the test of time.

Toy Haulers

We offer great packaged toy haulers as well as custom built toy haulers. You can decide what best meets your needs.

Gooseneck Inclosed Trailers

Gooseneck Inclosed Trailers

If you are looking for living quarters with a large garage or to haul multiple cars, we have gooseneck trailers in stock. Contact us for current availability and custom build times.

Stacker Trailers

Toy Haulers

Stacker trailers are a great solution for hauling multiple vehicles in an enclosed trailer. Comes with a lift to get your vehicles loaded on the top and bottom.

Product Benefits

Take Motorsports Mobile

A toy hauler is a trailer that provides both living quarters and a space to carry a motorized vehicle. This offers incredible flexibility to take your favorite motorcycle, car, side-by-side or any vehicle with you.

Lighter & No Rust Trailers

Aluminum inclosed trailers offers two major benefits, they are about 10% lighter than steel and the frame will no rust like steel. This offers better gas mileage when towing and lower maintenance to the trailer.

Maneuverability & Size

Gooseneck trailers offer larger sizes and are easier to tow in tight spots. Bumper pull trailers generally do not exceed 36 feet because of sway, therefore if you need more than 36 feet a gooseneck is a great solution.

Stack'em High

Stacker trailers feature an upper deck. The lift included elevates them inside the trailer and allowing for multiple cars to be towed in a smaller length. This can be important when traveling to states with length limits.


High Quality & High Value Keep Our Customers Satisfied.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  Contact us today fo have the best box trailer buying experience.

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