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2 car trailers are trailers that can carry 2 cars utilizing a single tow vehicle. Generally speaking these trailers come in 3 varieties, enclosed gooseneck, open gooseneck or bumper pull stacker trailers. Car haulers will utilize the best trailer for their needs. The 2 car stack trailer will include a lift and one car will be raised above a second. 2 car trailers also include a tie down system that will have a minimum of 6 tie down points, but often more. E-Track is a good idea if the cars you will be hauling are different sizes. A stack used as 2 car trailers normally are a minimum of 24 feet and come as long as 34 feet. A enclosed gooseneck car hauler is generally a minimum of 40 feet long, but can be as long as 53 feet. Open goosenecks can range in size depending on their design. A flat bed will generally start at 44 feet long and range up to 48 feet long, while an over the cab model can be as small as 40 feet. A 2 car stacker trailer or enclosed trailer is generally recommended due to the protection they provide from road hazards during transport.  These all utilize radial tires.
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2 Car Trailer Considerations

When purchasing car trailers required to haul several considerations must be made. A basic but fundamental issue is the length of the trailer.  The 2 car hauler trailer requires a tie down system that will adequately address the needs of the user. The most frequent use is hauling cars.  A frame type must be chosen, either aluminum two car trailers or a steel frame.

Trailer Length

When purchasing a gooseneck trailer there generally exists an eight foot area in the front of the trailer that connects to the tow vehicle. This area is generally counted in the length of the trailer and needs to be subtracted from the overall length to calculate floor length. This is to say a 48′ trailer offers 40′ of floor space. Do not make the mistake of buying a 40′ trailer and only having 32′ of floor length. A 32′ trailer is not likely to be suitable for a 2 car trailer. If you are considering stacker trailers, then a 40′ would likely allow 3 cars to be hauled.

Car Tie Down System

It will be critical to secure a car in a trailer that will be traveling at any speed. Currently two systems exist for securing cars so that they do not move during transit. The classic type of tie down is called a D-Ring. Not all are created equal. Make sure to purchase D-Rings capable of securing your load. Most trailer manufacturers over varying weights. 4 or more D-rings are required to secure each car. Another popular option is E-Track. E-Track is secured to the floor in two or more rows and is attached with a clip system. E-Track is more flexible in that is allows a tie down to be placed every few inches. This is a necessity if different cars are being put in the trailer at different times. D-Rings can be a great solution if you are hauling the same cars all the time.  The D-Rings offer additional capacity and do not require a small tether with a specialized clip.

Trailer Frame

There are several reasons to purchase an aluminum 2 car trailer over a steel frame.  Many people believe that an aluminum stacker car trailer weighs significantly less that the steel frame.  Due to the fact steel box tube is used, the weight is usually less than 10% difference and may only make a small reduction in fuel consumption.  Consider the life of the trailer.  Aluminum does not rust.  Aluminum will not oxidize when place next to other aluminum like steel.  These two factors protect your investment and can yield higher resale value.

There are many other considerations that we can discuss with you. Just call 800-978-7223 to speak with a design specialist.

2 car trailer aluminum stacker ENCLOSED STACKER TRAILER 2023 28' Aluminum Edge  16' Lift & Loaded Out Aluminum Stacker Trailer 2022 28' 16' Lift Loaded Out! Stacker Trailer 2021 26' Millennium Auto Master In-Production Special