2007 Motor Sports Sponsorships

Program Details

Who is eligible?

Sponsorship Program is limited to motor sports teams currently using Millennium Trailers. If you do not have a Millennium Trailer, but are looking to purchase a trailer this season, click on any links below to browse our trailers, build your own trailer or simply call 1-800-978-7223 or 1-800-776-4635.

What is the sponsorship award maximum?

Unlimited sponsorship awards based on referral, which result in sales.

How do I sign up?

Referral packets with business cards and brochures are mailed to you with your new trailer. Previous customer who need additional materials for the new season, please call 1-800-978-7223.

What Millennium expects from you?

Simply hand out Millennium material to friends and fellow racers who are in the market for a trailer or would like to trade up. (Millennium is always looking for good trades).

How do we know the referral came from you?

The only way we know is if the referral tells us they were referred by you. Make sure they know that and tell a Millennium representative on the first call. We will not make sponsorship awards if the referral is not identified on the first call. We can not send a sponsorship award without knowing this information.

How do I receive my sponsorship awards?

Sponsorship awards are mailed to you 10 days after your referral picks up his new trailer.

Program Benefits

  • Unlimited sponsorship award money available
  • Your efforts are directly rewarded
  • You decide how to represent Millennium. We do not require that you attend certain amount of races, nor do we require certain size or placement of
  • Millennium advertising on your trailer or car.