Car Hauler with Living Quarters

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Car Hauler General Information

A car hauler with living quarters is an enclosed trailer that allows for hauling cars and provides for living similar to an RV. These trailers are also sometimes called toy haulers. Our car haulers with living quarters can be either a bumper pull, gooseneck or fifth-wheel. In bumper pull the maximum length is 36′ and a gooseneck and fifth-wheel can be 53′

Living Quarters

We offer both living quarters packages as well as a la carte living quarters that can be fully customizable. The packaged floor plans range from 10.5′ to 16′. The major features of these packages are kitchens, bathrooms, dinettes, sofas and bunk beads.

Finding the right Car Hauler with Living Quarters

There a couple starting questions such as are needed in the garage and how many people the living quarters needs to accommodate. Another important consideration is the capability of the tow vehicle and whether a gooseneck or bumper pull is the best solution

Number of People In The Living Quarters

How many people you need to accommodate may drive many decisions. Looking at our standard floor plans, the Bunk floor plan offers the largest number of comfortable adults at 6. Depending on the age of children, it is possible to get 2 child spaces for each adult space. Other cargo area options are fold down sofa/beds over the wheel wells and a happy jack bed that lowers down from the ceiling. These two options can accommodate an additional 4 adults. Custom trailers offer different options as well

Garage Space for the Car

The major reason for buying a car hauler with living quarters is that you intend to transport a car. In some cases you may want to transport 2 or more cars. If your requirement is more than one car, it would be wise to look at a stacker trailer. In a gooseneck the floor plan size does not include the area over the truck bed so when calculating size 8′ must be added to the floor plan size. Therefore a 12′ living quarters in a gooseneck would actually take up 20′ of trailer, so a 53′ would yield a garage area of 32′.

Living Quarters Options

There are many options that may be included in our living quarters trailers. These include stereos, monitoring panel, additional power receptacles, larger propane tanks, larger holding tanks, and more.

Garage Area Options

The are hundreds of different options for the garage area. Flooring, lighting, cabinets and tie downs just to name a few. Some other major choices can include generators, awnings, A/C and extra height. As mention above additional living space can be added with some options in the garage area

Slide Outs

A great way to add more space in the living quarters is with slide outs. Slide outs take a portion of the living quarters and expands in outward providing additional space. The slide outs normally with move a couch or sofa to give this additional space


One of the most expensive options for this car hauler will be how you will choose to provide power the the trailer. Included in all trailers with living quarters is a power cable that is capable of connecting to normal power outlets. If you will have the option of connecting the enclosed trailer to one of these outlets as needed then a generator is not needed. If the car hauler requires power where normal receptacles are not available then a generator is needed. The two most popular sizes are 5KW and 7.5KW. If you plan to have an A/C in both the living quarters and the garage then a 7.5 is required

Final Thoughts

Stop wasting your time and money staying in low-quality hotels. This Car Hauler with Living Quarters is your perfect solution. With room for your entire family, plus a fleet of luxury sedans, you can easily transport your vehicles and camp in comfort! The living quarters have three-bedroom capacity, two bathrooms and one kitchenette so you can enjoy life on the road while traveling.