Gathering Your Requirements

The first 2 most important questions is what will be hauled in the trailer and how much will it weigh.  Consider how many cars will need to go in the trailer and what else will need to be transported with the cars.  Items like tools, tie downs and fuel are important considerations.  Cars can vary in weigh by thousands of pounds.  You can always load to under capacity but you should never overload.

Trailer Size

An enclosed car hauler can start at 16′ and be a maximum of 53′.  Generally only stacker car trailers will require extra height.  How many cars you need to haul will dictate the the length of the trailer or if it needs to be a stacker trailer.  A 53′ trailer can fit 3 medium sized cars.  A stacker can fit up to 5 cars.  Also consider additional cargo such as golf carts, tools, fuel and other miscelanous items.

Axle Size

Car trailer will have a minum of 2 axles. It is recommended to use 5,200# axles at a minimum.  This is for both useablility and resale value.  Our trailers can have a maximum of 3 axles with each axle supporting 10,000#.  These trailers will get a GVWR of 25,999#

Tie Downs

One of the most important decision in purchasing a enclosed car trailer, is how you will secure the car in the trailer. 2 main options are used in this case: e-track and D-Rings.


E-Track is extremely verisitle in that a tie down point exists every few inches. This is a great system if different cars will be transported or the cars to be transported may be unknown at the time of purchase. By fixing one end into the E-Track a metal ring allows any type of strap to attach.


D-Rings are a great solution to keep costs low.  D-Rings are also extremely strong and durable.  D-Rings can be the best solution if the cars being hauler are known. D-Rings and E-Track can be used in combination if required.

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