Gaming Trailers

[parag]Millennium Trailers offers products that can be used to create a mobile gaming experience. Great for a business that would like to take the party on the road and deliver a networked gaming experience to their clients. This is great for a corporate event, a birthday party, fairs, or any other gathering of people. The […]

Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers

Millennium Trailers is a leading supplier for Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers. We provide many options including generators, propane heaters, air conditioning, stainless steel counter tops and much more. Millennium Trailers is the nationwide leader in custom trailers. We can build your next Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer and deliver it to you anywhere in the world. […]

Concessions Trailers

[parag]Millennium offers both food and vendor trailers. Please keep in mind that food concession trailers require state board of health certifications and can be very costly. Whether you are selling food or non-perishable goods, Millennium can help you build custom trailers. We have worked with many different food vendors to provide custom configurations of counter […]

Bunk Trailers

Looking to sleep over 10 people in a portable unit? Call Millennium! We can build you a bunk trailer that sleeps over 12. We offer custom bunk trailers with luxury or economy. Custom trailers floor plans include private rooms, double rooms, private bathrooms and more. Generators to provide power 110v power. Custom Trailers Types Classroom […]

Tailgating Trailer

[parag]By the go to place before the game with a tailgating trailer. Millennium Trailers offers custom tailgating trailer to bring with you before the big game. These trailers are perfect for you and your friends to get together in the parking lot before any event. These trailers offer such options as televisions on the outside, […]

BBQ Trailers

[url_link href=”DESIGN_TRAILER_URL” target=”_blank”]CLICK HERE TO DESIGN YOUR OWN BBQ TRAILER[/url_link] [div class=”post_img”] [cust_img url=”wp-content/uploads/2016/06/bbq-trailer-1.jpg” alt=”image”] [cust_img url=”wp-content/uploads/2016/06/bbq-trailer-2.jpg” alt=”image”] [cust_img url=”wp-content/uploads/2016/06/bbq-trailer-3.jpg” alt=”image”] [cust_img url=”wp-content/uploads/2016/06/bbq-trailer-4.jpg” alt=”image”] [cust_img url=”wp-content/uploads/2016/06/bbq-trailer-5.jpg” alt=”image”] [cust_img url=”wp-content/uploads/2016/06/bbq-trailer-6.jpg” alt=”image”] [/div]

Command Centers Trailers

[parag]Millennium builds mobile command center trailers. We have built these custom trailers for law enforcement, government agencies and other large corporations. Our command center trailers offer durability and customization. We offer multiple power options, communications equipment, cabinetry, and more.[/parag] [parag]The easiest way to start the process is to complete the [url_link href=”DESIGN_TRAILER_URL” target=”_blank”]Design Your Own […]

Classroom Trailers

[parag]To start you classroom trailer, [url_link href=”DESIGN_TRAILER_URL” target=”_blank”]CLICK HERE TO RUN THE DESIGN YOUR OWN TRAILER APPLICATION[/url_link].[/parag] [parag]Need a trailer to conduct classes or presentations? Call Millennium! We can build you a portable classroom good for conducting classes or corporate presentations. These custom trailers can have pre-fabricated desks and workstations that can include power and […]

Custom Trailers

[heading level=”3″]Custom Trailer Buying[/heading] [parag]At Millennium, we offer many different ways to start the designing and building custom trailers, please contact us using any of the following options:[/parag] Click here to [url_link href=”DESIGN_TRAILER_URL” target=”_blank”]DESIGN YOUR OWN TRAILER[/url_link]. Design your dream trailer by completing this interactive, on-line enclosed trailer builder process. You will be able to […]

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