How to Choose the Perfect Car Trailer for Your Business?

From car manufacturers to franchise owners, everyone needs car trailers to transport vehicles from one place to another. Besides, some of the transporting services also help people in shipping their cars over long distances using these trailers. But, in the market, you will find a wide range of car trailers based on size, loading capacity, style, and price range. There are also open and enclosed car trailers available depending upon your preference. These multiple options make it challenging to know which car trailer you must buy.

To guide you towards the best car trailer according to your needs, here are a few questions you must ask yourself:

1. How many cars will you be hauling at a time?

This is the very first question you need to answer before buying a perfect car hauling trailer. How many cars you want to haul at a time will determine safety and license requirements along with the maintenance cost of the trailer. The total number of cars your trailer will be carrying on a single run will also affect your operation cost and overall revenue generated. Once you know the answer to this question, you are almost halfway to purchasing the ideal trailer for your business. Mostly used car trailers are capable of hauling one to six cars at a time for long runs.

2. What Type of Towing Vehicle do you intend to buy?

It is imperative to consider the towing vehicle you already have, or you are planning to buy. As per industry standards, ½ ton pickup vehicle is capable of pulling one car trailer efficiently. Most of the ¾ ton dually trucks can easily pull trailers with two cars for a long road trip. However, in order to pull a double-deck trailer hauling five cars at a time you need 1 ½ ton tractor from popular manufacturers like GM, RAM or Ford.

3. What type of vehicles do you want to transport?

The type of vehicle you need to transport from one place to another also needs to be considered while purchasing the trailer. With double deck and wedge trailers, you can conveniently load most of the cars, minivans and even a ½ ton pickup truck. However, for hauling low-profile sports cars, you will need full tilt car trailers to ensure their safety. Similarly, for newly manufactured or luxury cars, will find the best enclosed car trailers for sale in the market.

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