Motorcycle Enclosed Trailers

Motorcycle enclosed trailers are trailers that have walls and a roof so that the motorcycle is protected from the exterior elements while in transport. This specialty vehicle allows the motorcycle to be transported without having the danger of damage from weather or other potentially damaging items such as rocks or other road debris. Many motorcycle owners have large investments in their bikes and using and enclosed trailer to shelter their property during transport can maintain the great look and value of their prize possession.

Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Characteristics

The first thing to do when designing a motorcycle trailer is to understand how many bikes and what size of bikes you wish to haul in the trailer. Compute length and width of each vehicle and leave distance between each bike to load and unload. Wheel chocks are need to place the front tire of each motorcycle in to so that the bike is secure. Both e-track and d-rings can be used to tie down the vehicle. Wheel chocks come in several types including fixed, removeable and recessed. Your enclosed motorcycle trailer can also have upgrades such as vinyl floor, vinyl walls, ATP flooring, aluminum walls, electricity, air conditioning, full living quarters, bathrooms and more. To make sure you get the right enclosed trailer to hauler your motorcycle, check with you Millennium Trailer’s design specialist. We have sold hundreds of these types of trailers and can make sure you get your needs met.