Race Trailer with Living Quarters

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Considerations When Shopping for a Race Trailer with Living Quarters

There are several important considerations with looking for trailers with living quarters. The two major considerations are size of the garage area and how many people will need to sleep in the trailer

Garage Area

The main fucntion of this trailer will be taking race related items to the track and act as a car hauler. Althought the most important item you will carry the race vehicle itself, there are also many items that may be needed at the track. Once at the track, transportation is required to move around at the track. Most race teams prefer a golf cart and that can take up a fairly large area in the trailer. Tools are also an important consideration. With the tools themselves, a storage method is required. Tool boxes and cabinet packages can be put in the garage area to store tools. If power tools are required the type of power is also a consdieration. If air powered tools are being used then a compressor is required. If electric powered or battery powered tools are required then a source for their power is required.

Air Power

In trailers with living quarters air tools may be required to work on the race vehicle. To start off an air compressor is required. The size of the compressor must be considered. In addition how will the air get to the tools. Rubber hoses can be used but a much cleaner and more elegant solution of air lines ran in the trailer can be provided. When running air lines much shorter hoses can be used and provide easy accress to air.

Electric and Battery Power

Electric power also requires a source just like air power. There are 2 main sources of this power. An on board generator can be used or a power line can be ran to a power source provided by the location of the race trailer with living quarters. The generator size is normally 5 or 7 kilowatts. The main driver of this is the additional useage of power in other areas of the trailer. Items such as air conditioners will draw a large amount of power. Air conditioners in the garage and living areas will require a 7Kw generator. The power at the site generally comes in two sizes, a 30 amp service or a 50 amp service. The same is true with “shore power”. To run more items the larger service is required

Living Quarters

The use of the living quarters is the main focus. Will the living quarters need to supply an area for people to sleep or is it simply an area to provide rest and comfort while at the track. Custom lounges can be designed if the main use is not for sleeping. If the race team is staying the the race trailer overnight then the proper number of sleeping areas must be provided for.

Trailers with Living Quarters

Millennium Trailers has a wide variety of trailers with living quarter in stock.