Testimonials 14

To: Patrick.

I bought a new 36′ gooseneck, triple axle. Every part of the order and transaction went so smooth. The sales and office staff were super, keeping me informed about build status and delivery setup. The trailer was ready early and delivered early. The trailer was better than I expected and quality was fantastic. The experience was great, nice people, hard working all for the customer. Great product, service and support, Millennium Trailers knows there product, builds great trailers and treats the customer great.

Thank You,
David S,
Burlington, MA

Good morning Chuck,

I know you spoke with Sean yesterday, but I wanted to tell you that the trailer is wonderful! It is everything we had hoped for and needed and more!

It is always a little disconcerting buying something sight unseen. A person really has to rely on the honesty and integrity of the person you are dealing with.

Sean and I couldn’t be more pleased with you and Millennium trailers. You made this purchase as easy and stress free as possible from over a thousand miles away.

I really appreciate your willingness to work with us and your patience as I’m sure it was a longer process than usual for you.

We are headed into the heart of oil country with that trailer, I’m sure it is going to attract some attention, and we won’t hesitate a minute to tell people where we got it from and who we dealt with. J

I should tell you a funny little story. I knew the trailer was quite large, but I really had no idea until Sean got home with it. When he pulled up in front of the house, the truck trailer combination blocked the entire area from my neighbor’s driveway to the east, my driveway and my entire front yard!! When I came out of the house, I couldn’t help but to laugh at the sheer size of the set-up!! I have never personally seen a trailer quite that huge. I’m not sure if the previous owners had a nickname for her (the trailer) or not, but her name now is “moose”. She is getting her decals this weekend, once that is complete I will send you a picture of her in her new work clothes!

One more thing…..your driver, Bill….what a fantastic person!! He was so professional, courteous, and helpful. He made sure to show the trailer, explain the trailer, and make sure my guys had it all under control before he left. He reminded my husband and brother of their brother, Dan, who lives in Detroit. is

**His name is Bill Weaver?? Is that correct? I would like to send him a “Thank You” from us as well.**

**Again, thank you. It’s been a real pleasure.**

**/Millennium Trailers ROCKS!!! /****/J/****//**

Jesica M.
Bismark, SD