Testimonials 8

To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.

From: mares1@flash.net Mares Dennis

Product: Enclosed Trailers

Dear Sharon,

Thanks for your patience with this “crazy, old Texan”. It’s been a pleasure working with you. I will be mailing a check for $500.00 on the 8th of July, so you can hold a trailer for me. You have been very helpful.

Thanks for all the help.

Mare Dennis[/parag]

The after letter from Mares:

Hi Sharon,

Mares Dennis here! I love my trailer!


Mares Dennis

To: Gregg S. Palmer

From: Larry Tondre TONDRE family RACING

Product: Enclosed Trailers

(This was written to a prospective customer after wanting to see a enclosed trailer in his area. Mr. Tondre purchased a Millennium Gold 38′ GN)

Mr. Cox,

I received an e-mail from Sharon telling me that you were interested in a Millennium trailer. I purchased a 38′ GN last year for my racing operation in San Antonio, TX. If you are interested in looking at it and seeing the quality of manufacturing, please e-mail me your phone number. I will call you and make arrangements for you to look at our trailer. Our race season just started, we race in Houston every Friday and Saturday. I’m normally at home Sundays after church about 12 noon. I’ve been very pleased. The enclosed trailer is an excellent performer to our business. Seeing it first hand speaks for itself and Sharon was extremely knowledgeable and provided me a great amount of details to make my choice.

Larry Tondre