Top 7 Things To Consider When Purchasing a Race Car Trailer

Now that you are all set to zoom-off to the race track in your prized sports car, all you really need is a car trailer to help get you there. Depending on where and what you are racing, there are various things to consider in your purchase decision. Enclosed trailers, for instance, can greatly improve your quality of life and comfort during those long “mother nature” challenged days. What’s more, they can also be a crucial lifesaver when Jack Frost is beating you down or the rain begins to pour. Hopping into your race car after a rainstorm to find inches of water puddle in your seat make for a long day. To make buying simpler, here are 7 things to consider when purchasing a race car trailer. 1. Determine the length of the trailer and amount of weight you will be carrying. Determine if all the items that you take to the track will fit in the trailer and estimate the total weight of items. On a sheet of graph paper sketch out your trailer floor plan or you can contact Millennium Trailers for blank trailer prints by calling 1-800-978-7223 and request sizes you are considering. They will be emailed to you at no charge. Remember when calculating your trailer size consider vehicle length (plus room to tie it down), tools, golf cart, fuel, tires and anything else you normally take to the track. 2. Make sure to consider a proper tie-down system for your car and other items you will need to secure during travel. On your drawing, you started in item #1 ensure that you have the proper amount of tie-down points. The two most popular methods are recessed D-rings or E-track (recessed or flush-mounted). D-rings have been the most popular way to tie the car down, but the D-rings are fixed. E-track gives you the flexibility to tie down anywhere along the strip which usually runs the length of the trailer. 3. Many customers order cabinet packages in their trailer. The most popular cabinet package is an L-shaped workbench and overhead cabinet to match with or without built-in toolboxes. Cabinets can hold tools, parts, racewear and more. When deciding on if you will put a generator in the trailer an L-shaped cabinet will hold your generator compartment inside your cabinets. Cabinets and closets are always a good option when you have limited floor space. 4. How will you exit the car? Consider how you will exit your vehicle after loading. The car is positioned over the wheel wells which do not offer enough clearance with most vehicles to open the car door. An escape door or trailer with the option of the removable wheel well would be required to successfully load your vehicle. Another option would be selecting an installed winch on the floor of the workbench as an option which will assist in loading. 5. Trailer height and ramp door height and width can be very important items to consider. Additional height is helpful to allow for such things as tire racks, helmet storage, larger overhead cabinets, and many other uses. If your vehicle is wider than 81″ consider ramps over the wheel wells as an option. 6. Vehicles that are very low to the ground require additional thought when loading into the trailer. The bottom of low vehicles can hit the ramp door or the threshold floor of the trailer and damage the trailer or vehicle.  Utilize ramp extensions and always order a beaver tail for ease of loading. 7. Consider ordering factory-installed flooring. The newest and most popular floor choice is TPO Coin flooring which is non-skid, very durable and low maintenance flooring. Other choices in flooring would be Aluminum Tread Plate (ATP), Black & Gray Marble Vinyl or Black & White Checkerboard Vinyl (with or without ATP runners) or extruded aluminum plank floor. There are many other points to consider and can be discussed with Millennium’s Custom Trailer Specialists. At Millennium Trailers a custom made to order trailer never costs you more! Millennium Trailers has been designing custom trailers for over 20 years. Start your trailer purchase by visiting Millennium’s DESIGN-YOUR-OWN-TRAILER (LINK) or call 800-978-7223. We appreciate your inquiries and strive to exceed your expectations. Thank you for reading the Millennium guide. Our design team looks forward to assisting you in providing you the perfect trailer on your budget.