3 Towing Tips for Gooseneck Trailer for First-Time Drivers

While you may have hauled traditional trailers hooked onto your vehicle, towing an enclosed gooseneck trailer for the first time can be a new experience. This is because of its massive size and the fact that not every driver is familiar with the towing technicalities. Hence, it’s vital that you take some time out to learn the basics before you embark on a journey with a gooseneck trailer hooked up on a hitch for the first time.

Here are the 3 towing tips for enclosed gooseneck trailers for first-time drivers:

  • You don’t need a wider turn

Generally, when you haul a trailer attached to your vehicle with a traditional hitch, you tend to turn a little wider to avoid putting the trailer off the road or jackknifing the trailer itself. That said, a gooseneck trailer tightens your turning radius a little bit. This is because of the less space between the end of your vehicle and the trailer. So, the next time you set out with an enclosed gooseneck trailer behind your vehicle, remember that you don’t need as much room to turn as you do in other trailers. It’s advisable to practice a few turns with the trailer to know exactly how much space you need for a successful turn.

  • Load the trailer properly

Since an enclosed gooseneck trailer is hooked onto the bed of your vehicle, it feels more integrated with the vehicle while moving. So, even a slight movement of the trailer can impact your vehicle’s movement. If the items, which as generally heavy, aren’t stable inside the trailer, controlling the vehicle can be a little harder. Hence, learning to load the trailer properly is important before you tow a gooseneck trailer.

  • Raised end of the vehicle after locking in the trailer

One of the problems that many drivers face when towing an enclosed gooseneck trailer for the first time is the raised bed of the vehicle. When you attach the trailer with your towing vehicle,  you can see your vehicle's bed rise slightly. This changes the way you feel when driving the vehicle and can be a real inconvenience. The best course of action is to take a few short trips in a place where the traffic is minimal.

The bottom line is that if you are heading out with an enclosed gooseneck car trailer for the first time, always practice driving the vehicle before the final push to get accustomed to its turning radius and other driving factors.

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