ATV Enclosed Trailers

ATV enclosed trailers are trailers that have walls and a roof so that the ATV is protected from the exterior elements while in transport. This specialty vehicle allows the ATV to be transported without having the danger of damage from weather or other potentially damaging items such as rocks or other road debris. Generally speaking ATVs are not hauled in enclosed trailers. ATVs are not generally hauled in enclosed trailers because they are built to withstand the exterior elements. ATVs can be hauled in enclosed trailers, and are sometimes hauled in toy haulers that provide living quarters to the users of the ATVs when they are at camp sites. Most users of ATVs haul their vehicle in the bed of a truck or in an open trailer. This is due to cost. Make sure when loading your ATV in the bed of your truck, that the ramps are secure. Failure of the ramps to remain in place can cause catastrophic injury.