Race Car Trailers Sponsorship

[parag]Millennium is pleased to offer our performance based sponsorship program.[/parag] [parag]A performance based sponsorship program is a program where Millennium pays you cash for each sale we transact as a result of your promotion of Millennium Trailers. These sponsorships are available to both race car teams and horse owners who compete for prizes.[/parag] [heading level=”2″]Frequently […]

Race Car Trailer Cabinets

[parag]Race car trailer cabinets allow race teams to organize their gear to make it easy to find and keep from being in the way.[/parag] [parag]Picutes of installed cabinets can be found on our [url_link href=”CABINET_OG” target=”_blank”]cabinet pictures[/url_link] page.Cabinets can be purchased in our online store on the [url_link href=”ENCLOSED_TRAILERS” target=”_blank”]cabinet products[/url_link] page.[/parag]

Race Car Trailers Options

[parag]Race car trailers can come with many different options. Some of the most frequently used options are flooring, electrical, and winches.[/parag] [parag]Additional information on flooring can be found at our race car trailers flooring page.[/parag] [parag]Race car trailers offer full 110v electrical systems that include 500 watt exterior quartz lighting, fluorescent lights, and 110v receptacles. […]

Race Car Trailers Tires

[parag]Race car trailers tires are one of the most important components to maintain on your race car trailer. Two types of tires are generally used, bias ply and radial tires. Bias ply tires are created by taking number of layers or “plies” of fabric cords are embedded into it. Each layer is laid in an […]

Dirt Race Car Trailers

Millennium offers dirt race car trailers for sale. An important consideration when buying dirt race car trailers is the width of your vehicle at its widest point, which is likely the rear tires. Most trailers have a standard opening between 87-91 inches. Some trailer manufacturers provide an option to get a 96 inch wide ramp […]

Race Car Trailers Axles

[parag]Choosing axles for race car trailers is the most important decision you will make, as your entire trailer and it’s cargo relies on these axles. When choosing axles, consider the weight of your cargo and the weight of the trailer itself. Make sure that there is ample capacity to haul your race car trailer.[/parag] Determining […]

Open Race Car Trailers

Open race car trailers are race car trailers that do not have walls or a ceiling and leave the race car exposed to elements during transport. The main advantage of the open race car trailer is the price. Often times these trailers are a fraction of the price of enclosed race car trailers. Their functionality […]

Used Race Car Trailers

Purchasing used race car trailers can often times be a great way to save money on your race car transport needs. However, there are many considerations that should be taken in to account when purchasing a used trailer. Main Factors in Determining Condition There are several items that should be carefully examined. These factors include: […]

Race Car Trailers Tie Down Systems

[parag]The 2 main type of tie down systems in race car trailers are [url_link href=”ENCLOSED_TRAILERS” target=”_blank”]d-rings[/url_link] and [url_link href=”ENCLOSED_TRAILERS” target=”_blank”]e-track[/url_link]. Both of these systems can be purchased in our trailer accessories on-line store by clicking on the links in the previous sentence.[/parag] [parag]D-rings are metal plates that have a ring attached to them. They are […]

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