Race Car Trailers Sponsorship

Millennium is pleased to offer our performance based sponsorship program.

A performance based sponsorship program is a program where Millennium pays you cash for each sale we transact as a result of your promotion of Millennium Trailers. These sponsorships are available to both race car teams and horse owners who compete for prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.Can I get a free trailer or money upfront?

A. No, Millennium does not offer trailers or upfront cash awards. We have found that we are unable to control the amount of promotion that any given sponsored race team will provide. A single incident at the track can end the race season and we would receive no promotion. In addition, we receive hundreds of requests each month from both people who own our trailers and others whom purchased their trailers elsewhere. Although we would only support those who have supported us, we still receive hundreds of requests annually and we want to offer every customer an equal chance at our sponship funds.

Q. How can I participate?

A. If you own a brand of trailer we offer, you are eligible. Contact your sales representative for your sponsorship packet. Once you have received the packet, begin sending friends, family & race buddies to Millennium for their next trailer. Make sure they mention your sponsorship number on the first contact.

Q. How much sponsorship money can I expect?

A. Earning potential is unlimited. That is the great part of the program. You can earn as little or as much as you want.

Q. When can I expect to get paid?

A. Within 30 days of final payment of any customer sent to Millennium Trailers.

Q. How is this different than a referal program?

A. It is basically a referal program, with two major differences: 1. You must own a trailer that you purchased from Millennium & 2. Our program pays significantly more than a referal program. Most referral programs a fixed fees and rarely exceed $100. We pay our awards based on the dollar amount of the trailer you sent to us and will award up to $500 per trailer.