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Gooseneck enclosed trailers are a type of enclosed trailer hitch. This type of trailer hitches in to the bed of the truck normally with a 2 5/16″ ball placed in the bed of the truck. The gooseneck area is elevated from the floor and allows additional storage.

Trailer Characteristics

Gooseneck trailers are normally bought for two reasons: 1. The client needs a large trailer or 2. Gooseneck trailers are more maneuverable than bumper hitch trailers. A gooseneck trailer can be as large as 53′ where as a bumper pull generally will not exceed 34′. Gooseneck trailers also offer better maneuverability because their pivot point is closer to the rear wheels. This allows the operator to make tighter turns and exert additional control over the position of the trailer.

If you are looking to buy one of these types of trailers visit our trailers for sale.

For additional information you can visit our Enclosed Trailers Gooseneck Cargo page or Used Enclosed Gooseneck Trailers page. These pages will give some detailed specifications of cargo trailers and the used page will discuss what to look for when buying a used enclosed gooseneck trailer.

Why a Gooseneck Trailer

There are two major reasons someone would size and maneuverability. The maximum size for a bumper pull trailer is 36′. The maximum size for is 53′. When used as a car hauler, this larger size allows for up to 3 cars. Goosenecks have much better maneuverability over bumpe pull. Due to the fact the pin and pivot point are closer to the steering tires the trailer allows for better maneuverability.

Gooseneck Trailer with living quarters

A common feature of enclosed gooseneck trailers is a living quarters package. We offer standard packages from 20′ to 24′ including the gooseneck are above the hitch. These packages are RV grade living spaces. A few packages come with slideouts which expand the living area substantially. They include a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area above the gooseneck. These packages are great for staying at the track our heading out on vacation and you want to bring a car, motor cycle or side by side.

enclosed gooseneck trailer with living quarters enclosed gooseneck trailer with removeable wheel well and generator door gooseneck trailer are above the gooseneck hitch interior gooseneck trailer gooseneck trailer with living quarters