Classroom Trailers


Need a trailer to conduct classes or presentations? Call Millennium! We can build you a portable classroom good for conducting classes or corporate presentations. These custom trailers can have pre-fabricated desks and workstations that can include power and network connections. Need a private lounge area or a bathroom? No problem we can build trailers to almost any specification. We can keep the class room and lounge area comfortable with air conditioners for cooling and propane furnaces for heat. Lighting and white vinyl walls come included in our classroom trailer packages. 110v generators and also be provided for complete mobility.

Custom Workstations

The design of custom classroom trailers begins with understanding the needs of the students. The delivery of the educational material will dictate the type of learning area each student requires. If the material is delivered by an instructor and the students are required to focus on the material delivered then work desks are required without computer workstations. If the learning requires computers, each student can have a workstation that is networked to a server with an Ethernet network utilizing category 5+ infrastructure. Depending on the need of the students, almost any need can be accommodated.

Electrical Appliances

The mobile classroom trailer can be equipped with a power center to provide power to almost any type of electrical device. Such things as a projector to provide a large image for students to see and as outlined above a computer workstation including computer tower, monitor and printers. Calculating the power requirements is very important when designing a classroom trailer. Be sure to have the power requirements of all items that may be used.

Electrical Power System

Electrical power can be provided to the trailer in two methods: 1. An on-board generator or 2. Connecting the trailer to an external power outlet from a building or external generator. On-board generators can provide up to 20KW of power using a diesel generator. In addition to the power requirements of the electrical educational devices, the trailer will utilize lighting, HVAC and other trailer items configured.

Lounge and Bathroom Options

As mentioned above, a classroom trailer can included a lounge area with such items as a dinette, couch, galley, refrigerator, and a sink. The lounge area can be used to provide bathroom services to the students during breaks. Food and drinks can also be provided from the galley which may included an oven, microwave and gas cook top. The lounge are can be configured in a custom fashion to provide many of the comforts that a conventional classroom environment provides.

Ordering a Classroom Trailer from Millennium

Millennium Trailer design specialists are available to begin working on your new classroom trailer. Our trailer design specialists can provide the guidance and help that will ensure that your classroom trailer will provide all the required items. Call 1-800-978-7223 to start your design now.