Custom Cargo Trailers

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Custom Cargo Trailers

Designing a custom cargo trailer can be a very large undertaking. There are litterally hundreds of options to choose from making millions of different combinations. In many circumstances building the correct custom trailer can make a real difference in your a business.


The first consideration of any cargo trailers should be it usage. What is the cargo, where does the cargo need to go and what are you going to do with the cargo once it gets to the destination. Careful planning and longer term vision can save a business thousands of dollars in the long run

Size and Hitch Type

First consider the size and volume of the cargo the custom trailer will haul. Then the weight is also important. Bumper pull trailers can be as long as 36′ while goosnecks can be as large as 53′. A 53′ gooseneck cargo trailer will have approximately 45′ of floor space and the 8′ gooseneck area makes it a 53′ trailer. Trailers can have a maximum 11’6″ interior with most 8.5′ wide trailers starting at 6’6″ and allowing increases in 6″ increments. If you cargo requires more than 36′ of floor space then a gooseneck hitch is your best choice. Even though gooseneck trailers are more expensive they do manuver better than bumper pull trailers, so consider the locations your custom cargo trailer will go.

Cargo Weight

A maximum cargo weight should be known prior to designing the trailer. The total weight and the weight density are both important. Depending on the footprint of the cargo and pounds per square inch, additional crossmembers may be needed to support the additional weight. In order to calculate the axle numbers and size take the base weight of the trailer and the total cargo weight to calculate the total loaded trailer weight. Custom cargo trailers can have 2 or 3 axles. Axle weight capacities are 3.5, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10K. All the axles must be the same size and the maximum weight rating of Millennium Trailers is 25,999#. This is because difference governmental regulations are used once a trailer is rated for 26,000# or more.

Flooring Options

Most custom cargo trailers will have the basic plywood floors if being used to only transport the cargo. If the trailer will be used to display the cargo then the flooring may consist of rubber coin or vinyl

Walls Options

Basic walls are normally used in custom cargo trailers of either white vinyl, lujan or plywood. Aluminum walls can give the trailer a nice finished look if customers will be inside the trailer.

Custom Cargo Trailer Interior