Ensure Safe and Smooth Transportation of Your Race Cars in A Custom-Built Enclosed Trailer

As the owner of a race car, you would not want your vehicle – which is an expensive investment in itself – to be out on the open road, even if it is street legal. Investing in a top-quality enclosed car hauler for sale allows you to ensure safe and smooth transportation of your race cars to their destinations. Indeed, there are trailer rental services also available but rental costs can add up quickly, and availability isn’t always a slam-dunk. Moreover, if a track event happens to be at the end of the month – when racers are moving multiple times – it can be difficult to find a rental trailer. So, the solution? Get your own trailer!

Whether you need to haul your race cars to the track or vintage cars to a show, you can get a custom race hauler for sale from Millennium Design, tailor-made to suit your unique requirements. Depending on your needs, you can go for top-of-the-line Gooseneck enclosed trailers with living quarters, Bumper Pulls with no frills, Fifth Wheels, or more. Here are a few important things to consider when designing a race car trailer –

  • Towing Vehicle
  • Size and Hitch Type
  • Axles and Tongue Weight
  • Trailer Wall and Floor Construction
  • Trailer Interior & Exterior

Work with Millennium Trailers to get the trailer of your choice. Call 1800-978-7223 to work with a specialist!