Enclosed Car Trailers

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General Car Trailer Information

Enclosed car trailers are trailers that have walls and ceilings and protect the car from exterior hazards. Enclosed car hauler trailers can have living quarters which allow people to sleep in their car trailers. Enclosed trailers are more desirable than open cargo trailers because they protect the cargo better and allow for additional storage, security and functionality. Enclosed car trailers allow people to store tools, golf carts and other need car parts. These trailers provide additional security for the cars and other cargo because they allow for doors to be locked and no exterior access can be gained. Enclosed car haul trailers can also provide for electrical connections, lighting, air compressors and more. In addition to our own models of Millennium enclosed trailers, we offer a selection of trailer manufacturers Haulmark, Bravo and Continental Cargo enclosed trailers.  Bravo is similar quality to Intech and ATC at a more attractive price.

Enclosed Car Trailer Dimensions

Enclosed car hauler trailers are generally 102″ wide from fender to fender.  Interior widths vary based on manufacturer but are generally around 82″.  Interior height of an enclosed trailer generally ranges for 6’4″ to 11′.  The taller trailers can include a lift to elevate one or more cars.  These box trailers are referred to as a  stacker trailer. Trailer lengths are between 16′ and 32′ for bumper pulls and between 24′ and 53′ for goosenecks.  Stacker trailers can also be a good way to avoid over length limits giving you twice the space of a of a normal bumper pull.

Reasons Enclosed Car Haulers are Superior to Open Trailers.

Many people haul their car with an open trailer.  An open trailer is a lower cost option and with any lower cost options there are trade offs being made for the lower price. Enclosed cargo trailers do a better job of protecting your valuables.  Normally the car is more expensive than the trailer, therefore the cost trade off for the lower price, may in the long run, cost far more if you need to fix damage to your car or the normal weather causes the car to lose its value because it has been left out in the weather.

  1. Protecting a car from weather
  2. Protecting a car from road hazards
  3. Allowing permeate storage for your car

Protecting a Car from the Weather

One of the most damaging forces is weather.  Leaving a car outside over time makes the paint fade and the finish to deteriorate from rain and the chemicals that mix with the rain.  If you car has an expensive paint job then protecting it from rain is very important.  An enclosed trailer keeps acid rain away from the car protecting the investment.

Protecting a Car from Road Hazards

Most open trailers have no road hazard protection.  Rocks and other debris can

  1. Chip the paint job of a car
  2. Cause dents in the car’s body.
  3. Break the windshield
  4. Damage a chrome finish

Some open trailers offer stone guards on the front of the trailer but this leaves the top and sides open.  Rocks and other debris tend bounce leaving the potential to still striking the car.  The enclosed car trailer protects the car on the front, side, back and top.  Most enclosed car trailers have a ATP stone guard on the front to also protect the trailer finish.

Allowing permeate storage for your car. On the topic of road hazzards, it is wise to cary a space tire on a spare tire mount inside the trailer or a spare tie monunt on the tongue.

An enclosed car trailer offers a good place to store your car.  The trailer offers the protection of a garage and the flexibility to go mobile.  If space is short in the car owner’s garage an enclosed trailer can fix the problem quickly. Stacker trailers allow you to store 2 or more cars.

Popular Enclosed Car Hauler Options

There are over 1,500 different options that can be used on a car trailer.  This means the possibilities are endless to create perfect car haulers.  A frame option is to turn it into an aluminum car trailer.

Wheels and Tires

Several options exist in wheel and tires.  First the selection of the type a tire is needed, either a bias ply or radial tire are the options with radial tires being superior.  On a inferior cargo trailer you may find used tires, buyer beware.   There are 3 major wheels that are sold: white wagon, mod and aluminum wheels. The white and mod wheels are similar in function but aluminum will add better heat dissipation.  A small enclosed trailer usually comes with white wagon wheels.  Depending on the size of axle, you may have the option for larger tire and wheels.  Finally don’t forget the spare tire. When shopping trailers for sale this can be critical when you are on the road.


Two types of electrical systems need to be considered.  There is a 12V direct current and 110/220V alternating current.  When you are at a camp site or race track 110/220V shore power may be available.  If it is not available a generator will need to be used to provide power to this system.  The alternating current system will power air conditioners, air compressors, electric power tools and any other household appliance.  Historically the larger lights have also been powered with alternating current, but since the popularity of LED lights, 12V direct current is sufficient.  The 12V system will power LED lights, dome lights and some roof vent fans. The 12V system will either get its power from the tow vehicle or an invertor that works when 110V AC is available.  A battery can be used to store excess power for future use.</p?

Cabinets and Storage

Having storage in the garage are of the trailer can be critical depending on the use of the trailer.  For motorcycle trailers and ATV trailers a helmet rack can be very important to stow this critical piece of equipment.  Several types of cabinets exist: upper, lower, L-Shape, closest and oil cabinet just to name a few.  There are several different trailer accessories that are made of stainless steel for storing such things as tie downs, fuel jugs, and more.


The major options for trailer flooring are plywood, vinyl, ATP and rubber coin.  Rubber coin being the most expensive but also delivering the most functionality.  It provides the ease of cleaning of ATP with the traction of vinyl.</p?

Securing the car in the trailer

When designing enclosed car trailers consideration must be given to securing the car so it does not move with tie downs.  If the car is not secured properly it may move damaging the car and the interior of the trailer.  Two main systems are used D-Ring and E-Track.  The D-Ring is a simple loop on the floor that allows a ratchet strap to connect to then connects to the car.  This is a good method if you know exactly what car you will tow.  E-Track offers the flexibility to connect to any where on a metal strip.  E-Track is normally a little more expensive to operate.

Enclosed Car Trailer Frame

A car is one of the heaviest form of cargo most people will haul. Cars can very drastically in weight up to and exceeding 6,000#.  This amount of weight requires a strong trailer frame.  Enclosed car trailers are built in a wide variety such as:

  1. Steel I Beams and hat post walls and ceilings
  2. Steel Tube
  3. Aluminum tube

32' aluminum enclosed car trailer with triple spread axles and a generator door

For a lighter car that is not being transported very often, the steel I-Beam solution may be fine.  Without a rigorous use the most simple production may be adequate. For hauling a heavy car frequently or hauling multiple cars a tube frame ensures the rigidity of the frame for safety and longevity.  Aluminum tube offers a lower weight, therefore hauling frequently and long distances make sense to consider aluminum.  The cost for aluminum trailers is higher than steel, but in the long run cost, aluminum may pay for itself.  Aluminum also has a higher resale value which would also contribute to a lower long run total cost of ownership.


Thank you for reading we hope you found this information useful and will consider Millennium Trailers for your enclosed car trailer.  We have qualified design specialists to assist our clients in getting the best value for their purchase.

Car hauler trailer with removable wheel well and fender.  Very popular for low ground clearance vehicles. Gooseneck enclosed cargo trailer. 40ft, black with generator compartment Enclosed Gooseneck Trailer 40' 2023 Car Hauler w/Fully Finished Interior & Ramp Door Red enclosed car trailer. This box trailer is red with a v-nose front and aluminum wheels.  24ft of floor space plus the v-nose. 24' aluminum car trailer with the blackout package.  Very sleek and desirable for black truck owners. 24ft aluminum car trailer.  Black exterior. aluminum wheels, bright anodized radius top cap and uprights. 28 race car trailer.  White steel frame with side entry door.