Aluminum Enclosed Trailer

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Aluminum Enclosed Trailers

Aluminum trailers have become extremly popular over the past few years and with good reasons. These trailers are commonly used a car hauler or as a cargo trailer. These trailers are sometime referred to as all aluminum but this is not correct.  Due to the properties of steel and aluminum three major components of the trailer will still be steel.  These three components are the coupler, tongue jack and the axles.  Millennium Trailers provides aluminum enclosed trailers with the highest possible content of aluminum.

Why Aluminum

There are three main advantages to aluminum trailers.


There is clearly a weight difference between a aluminum enclosed trailer and steel trailers, although it is not as significant as some people think.  The weight difference can be as low as 5% and as high as 15%.  This depends on the options in the trailer. For example, an air conditioner weighs approximately 100 pounds.  On either an enclosed aluminum trailer or a steel trailer, the A/C weight does not change and will reduce the percentage weight savings.

Resale Value

Aluminum weathers much better than steel and does not rust, therefore the trailer can retain its cosmetic appeal much longer than steel.  The better the trailer looks, the higher it will sell for.  Generally speaking the trailers Millennium offer in steel have an estimated useful lifespan of 20 years.  You will see some older ones out there in good shape but these will be garage kept.  Aluminum trailers are estimated to last 30 years.  Due to the general rule of depreciation, a 30 year lifespan yields a higher value.


Enclosed Aluminum Trailers do not rust.  Therefore the need to keep a protective coat over the aluminum is not needed.  This lowest the maintenance cost.

Enclosed Aluminum Trailer Flooring

The first consideration of the floor in to choose either wood and extruded aluminum.  Extruded aluminum floor is a very nice option.  With wood floor a covering can also be added.  One aluminum option is ATP or aluminum tread plate.  This increases the aluminum content but is generally not used as the floor material because of the traction. Although not chosen for the floor, the ramp and flap is oftentimes covered with ATP.  The most popular choice for the floor covering is rubber coin.   It offers durability, ease of cleaning and traction. The extruded floor is seen more often in a car hauler and the plywood or other low cost material for a cargo trailer usage.


The most popular use of an aluminum trailer is as a race car hauler. Most high end race teams use an aluminum trailer as their primary car hauler. These trailers are generally loaded out with aluminum walls, 110V electrical power, A/C, cabinets and more. Millennium Trailers specializes in race trailers and we can be a great resource in anyone’s search.

Popular Options

Popular options are very specific to use.  For example a cargo trailer would not have many options and be fairly plain.  Normally aluminum wheels are placed on all aluminum trailers for the look and performance.  Racing Trailers, on the other hand, are generally fairly loaded with option.

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