Aluminum Enclosed Trailers

Aluminum enclosed trailers are enclosed trailers that are made of aluminum instead of steel. These trailers still generally have steel couplers and axles because aluminum is too soft to be used for those applications. People often confuse an aluminum exterior for an all aluminum trailer. Most enclosed trailers have an aluminum exterior but do not have aluminum frames or floors. An aluminum enclosed trailer is generally only 15% less in weight. Consumers often think that aluminum trailers are significantly lighter, but they are not. A significant amount of additional aluminum is needed to produce the strength needed of an equivalent steel trailer. Aluminum trailers are significantly more expensive than steel trailers. The main feature of an all aluminum enclosed trailer is that it is less likely to rust and will last longer. Aluminum trailers should be considered for uses that cause the trailer to become wet, such as a snow mobile trailer. An aluminum trailer should also be considered if the weight of the trailer needs to be the least possible. Although as outlined above, the trailer may only way 15% less, in some cases this can be a significant amount of weight. Consult with your Millennium Trailers design specialist to decide if an Aluminum Enclosed Trailers is right for you.