Enclosed Race Car Trailers

Enclosed race car trailers are race car trailers that have walls and ceilings that are built up around the trailer.

Enclosed race car trailers have major benefits over open race car trailers. These benefits include protecting the race car and other cargo from the weather and other road hazzards, allowing physical security for the car and cargo and the trailer can provide storage for the car and other race related cargo while not in use. The final benefit will reduce loading and unloading time after races and make the racing experience more enjoyable.

Enclosed trailers also provide the option to include living quarters, which allows racers to stay at the track on multiple day events. Owning a race car trailer with living quarters can substantially reduce the cost of multiple day race events and can also enhance the race experience by allowing additional bonding time at night with fellow racers that are also staying at the track.

The main detractor to enclosed race car trailers is the cost. Entry level enclosed race car trailers are normally twice the price of similar size open trailers.