Enclosed Trailers Gooseneck Cargo

An enclosed gooseneck cargo trailer is a very specific type of trailer. The main characteristics of this trailer is that it will utilize a gooseneck type hitch and it will be used for hauling cargo. Gooseneck Hitch

A gooseneck hitch is a specific hitch type that is characterized by a 2 5/16″ ball mounted between the axles of a tow vehicle. The hitch on the trailer hits over the ball then a locking mechanism ensures that the receiver on the trailer does not come unfastened from the ball on the truck. Normally there is an eight foot over hang that can be used for storage that is elevated from the floor.

Enclosed Gooseneck Cargo Trailer

Often times enclosed gooseneck trailers are used to haul cars, but in instances where people need to haul large amounts of other items, an enclosed gooseneck trailer is the only option because bumper pull enclosed trailers are normally only constructed to thirty-four feet, whereas a enclosed gooseneck trailer can be as large as fifty-three feet. In addition these larger cargo trailers are easier to pull with the gooseneck hitch type because the pivot of the trailer has been moved several feet forward making it easier to turn. Depending on the tow vehicle, this also allows for turns past angles that a bumper pull trailer could not make. Consider your tie down mechanism if you are going to haul cargo as opposed to cars. E-track offers a very attractive system where you can place tie downs every few inches. The options of the enclosed goooseneck cargo trailer can also be considerably less than an enclosed gooseneck race car hauler because you will not need such items as cabinets or electrical systems. Often times cabinets become more of a hindrance in a cargo trailer because they can utilize much need space. 110v electrical systems are typical unused as well because most people are not performing work in the cargo trailer so there is no need for electrical power. A great way to save money is to buy a Used Enclosed Gooseneck Trailer