Landscape Enclosed Trailers

Landscape enclosed trailers are those designed for people who work on exterior landscapes. The type of enclosed trailer needed for the landscaper can vary based on the size and type of work that the contractor is performing. These trailers can vary from 12′ to 28′ depending on the amount and type of equipment that needs to be taken to the job site. Generally if the type of work that is being done requires power equipment, that space on the floor needs to be adequate to load all of the equipment. Shelves and tool organization systems also need to be sufficient for carrying both hand tools and hand power tools.

Enclosed Landscape Trailer Characteristics

Often times these trailers need tie down systems such as e-track of d-rings to secure the equipment when traveling down the road. Trailer width should also be considered. Smaller trailers are available in 6′ and 7′ wide models. The width of lawnmowers and other power equipment should be considered. Ensure that there is enough space between the wheel wells to maintain ample clearance when loading the equipment. Electrical power can also be brought in via a gas generator or a power cord can be run to the nearest electrical outlet. Check with you trailer specialist at Millennium to ensure proper configuration of you enclosed landscape trailer.