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Millennium Silver Race Car Trailer

triple axle gooseneck race car trailer with generator compartment

Customizing the Trailer

There are literally hundreds of different issues to consider when designing a race trailer. These are the top 5 most important considerations:

  1. Size
  2. Weight
  3. Living Quarters
  4. Flooring
  5. Car Loading
This article will take some of the most popular and important selections when designing a race car trailer.


The size of the trailer is normally 2 dimensional. The maximum width for any vehicles in the United States is 102″. Most race trailers are 102″ wide therefore the two dimensions that need consideration are the height and the length.


The trailer must be able to accommodate the height of any type of vehicle. Normally race cars are lower to the ground and not very tall. A race trailer can be configured to be a Stacker Trailer which allows cars to be on two levels in the trailer. In this case the trailer must be tall enought to load two cars plus some buffer space in between the roof of one car and the trailers of another. Standard height for a race trailer is normally 6’6″. If any person that will be in the trailer is taller than 6’6″ the trailer height should be expanded. Trailers that are taller naturally feel bigger, because the are, this gives a better feeling in a living quarters. If the trailer is being used for another purpose you should also consider the height of anything being loaded. An 11′ interior is normally the maximum height. Finally consider the ramp door height. If you attempt to haul a car that is taller than normal ensure the ramp door will accommodate the vehicle.


Many other items are going to be loaded in a race car trailer, other then the car itself. Consider all the items that you may take to the track. 5 of the most popular items are:

  1. Fuel
  2. Tools
  3. Air Compressor
  4. Golf Cart
  5. Camping Equipment
Use graph paper or CAD system to place all your items loaded into the trailer. Consider unloading as well and such items as tie downs. It is not feasible to change the length of the trailer so once you buy the trailer you it i


The weight of all items put in the trailer should be tallied or closely approximated. This calculation is the payload. Every trailer built will be given a GVWR, this is the Gross Vehicle Weight rating, the maximum amount the payload plus the trailer can weigh. For example a trailer with triple 7,000# axles would have a GVWR of 21,000#, therefore if the trailer weighed 8,000# the payload capacity would be 13,000# so all the items loaded in the trailer cannot exceed 13,000#. The tow vehicle rating will be in the GCWR or Gross Combined Weight Rating is the weight of the trailer loaded plus the weight of the tow vehicle. If the GCWR is 19,000# and weighs 7,000# the loaded trailer including the trailer itself cannot exceed 12,000#. This information is provided as is and may not be correct. Consult your tow vehicle dealer for specific numbers.

Living Quarters

Household amenities can be added to a trailer. The top five amenities are:

  1. Bathroom
  2. Bed
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Sink
  5. Microwave
These items can be purchased a la carte or in a complete package. Bumper Pull Living Quarters floor plans can be viewed and contents of the packages displayed. Custom floor plans can be provided via a la carte items and packages for bath rooms and kitchens. Partition walls can be added to keep garage and living area separate. Consult with your Millennium Trailers design specialist for details at 800-978-7223.


The top types of floors for race car trailers are:

  1. Rubber Coin
  2. Vinyl
  3. Aluminum Trade Plate
  4. TPO
  5. Carpet
Each flooring types offer different advantages, but the most popular type of flooring is rubber coin. Rubber coin offers durability and a more slip resistant texture. ATP offers a very durable surface but is prone to slippages when fluids are spilled. TPO is a thin, hard plastic type material that is very durable. Think about your situation and what works best. Cost may also become an issue on larger trailers.

Car Loading

The two most popular ways to load a race car are driving the car into the trailer or using a winch to pull the car into the garage area. The advantage to driving the car into the trailer is a lower cost without a winch. The two drawbacks are getting out of the car and if the car is damaged and does not run it cannot be driven in. A key factor when loading a car is ground clearance. The approach loading angle can be altered by increasing the ramp length with ramp extensions and raising the ramp door with bumpers. Most car trailers are equipped with a beaver tail which is a slight incline leading up to the floor of the trailer which is flat. Beaver tails can also be extended to accommodate very low cars. The bottom line is that you are buying this trailer to take your race car to the track. If it is too low to the ground and the bottom rubs the trailer damage can occur to both the trailer and the car.

Work with your Millennium Design specialist to get all the features that are required. Call 800-978-7223 to work with a specialist, if you spend the money