Testimonial 1

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.[/parag] [parag]From: Kim and Cindy Shapley[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]Dear Chuck,[/parag] [parag]We are so very excited about our new enclosed trailers. Your enclosed trailers are more than we expected. We have not had the opportunity to take it out yet, but have tried everything at home and it all seems […]

Testimonial 2

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.[/parag] [parag]From: Craig and Lori Fountain[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]Sharon,[/parag] [parag]Here are a few pictures of my new enclosed trailer. I can say it is exactly what I wanted. Thanks to everyone at Millennium Trailers for building what I wanted and not another “cookie cutter” enclosed trailer. Customer Service is […]

Testimonials 3

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.[/parag] [parag]From: Bill Danner[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]Hi Chuck & Sharon,[/parag] [parag]Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I like my new enclosed trailer, since my purchase in April of 2003 . It pulls great and I sure do get complements about it! Thanks for the […]

Testimonials 4

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.[/parag] [parag]From: Marv Beasley[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]Dear Scott, Andrea, Chuck,[/parag] [parag]Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I picked up our enclosed trailer around 4:30 PM last Friday evening. Your support in coordinating the order and delivery schedule is very much appreciated. We used […]

Testimonials 5

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: To everyone at Millennium Trailers.[/parag] [parag]From: Ken Sensi[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]To everyone at Millennium Trailers,[/parag] [parag]I would just like to say thank you for the wonderful job that you did on my trailer. The enclosed trailer is everything that I had hoped it would be. The quality of the job you […]

Testimonials 6

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.[/parag] [parag]From: Thenealco Joe Neal[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]Joe writes:,[/parag] [parag]Hi! Picked up my enclosed trailer this last Monday (Finally!). I was going the last two Fridays, but it was snowing here like crazy. Just want to drop a line and say I am really pleased with my enclosed trailer […]

Testimonials 7

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.[/parag] [parag]From: Leeland & Kim King[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]Mr. & Mrs. King writes:[/parag] [parag]Hello Sharon![/parag] [parag]#2[/parag] [parag]Got to use our enclosed trailer last weekend. We had both our drag bike and our ’72 Dodge Charger in it and all our new gear, about 6k lbs. The trailer tows like […]

Testimonials 8

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.[/parag] [parag]From: mares1@flash.net Mares Dennis[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]Dear Sharon,[/parag] [parag]Thanks for your patience with this “crazy, old Texan”. It’s been a pleasure working with you. I will be mailing a check for $500.00 on the 8th of July, so you can hold a trailer for me. You have been […]

Testimonials 9

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To: Millennium Trailers, Inc.[/parag] [parag]From: Braden Peak in American Drag News (06/01 issue)[/parag] [parag]Product: Enclosed Trailers[/parag] [parag]”I would like to thank Andrew at Millennium Trailers for his assistance in the purchase of our new enclosed trailer. I shopped around and found Andrew to be the most helpful and customer friendly. Remember to consider […]

Testimonials 10

[div class=”t_div”] [parag]To:Karl, Robin and Bill W[/parag] [parag]From: Jimmy & Shaye[/parag] [parag]Product: Horse Trailer[/parag] [parag]Karl & Robin,[/parag] [parag]Just wanted to drop a little note saying thanks for everything you did for us. I was so happy when I got my trailer home. I love it even more! You guys were great to work with and […]

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