Drag Race Car Trailers

Millennium has offered drag race car trailers since 1998. The drag racing trailer market is where Millennium started and has become one of the largest providers of drag racing trailers in the United States.

One major consideration when buying drag race car trailers is the ground clearance of your drag racing vehicle. Often times these vehicles are very low to the ground and will require a trailer with a tapered floor, known as a beavertail. Although most vehicles will load with a beavertail, vehicles with a very small amount of ground clearance may require ramp extensions. You can purchase ramp extensions by clicking here. Ramp extensions may also require bumpers to raise the ramp and reduce the loading angle. Bumpers can also be purchased at our on-line store.

Many other considerations are covered in the topics below. Visit those pages for specific information about any topic. We recommend you also visit the tie down, axles, flooring and race car trailer cabinets sections.