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Toy Haulers for Sale

Millennium Trailers offers car hauler grade toy haulers. Unlike the standard toy hauler, the product offerd by Millennium Trailers car carry a car. In addition to the Stealth Nomade, Millennium also offers our own models. These are comparable to Intech and ATC Trailers.

What is a Toy Hauler

Toy Haulers are trailers that are designed to carry “toys” such as motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, or other motorized vehicles and also contain living quarters in the front of the trailer. A toy hauler can be very similar to a trailer trailer in build. A ramp on the rear of the trailer allows loading of the vehicles and a custom toy . The living quarters can include beds, kitchens and bathrooms. These trailers have a garage space that is suitable for vehicles that are car-size or smaller. The garage are is generally 10-22 feet and is sometimes open to the living quarters space, but can also have a wall separating the garage and the living space.


The first concern of anyone looking for a toy hauler is how the tow vehicle must be equipped. There are 3 classifications of towing: Bumper Pull, Gooseneck and Fifth-Wheel. A bumper pull is attached to a 2″ 5/16 ball and mount that fits into a receiver just under the bumper. Gooseneck and Fifth-Wheelare very similar, but differ in 1 major way. This way is how the trailer attaches. The gooseneck coupler fits over a 2″ 5/16 ball that is mounted over the axles. A fifth-wheel uses a pin and plate system similar to semi trailers. Both fifth-wheel and goosneck require that the distance of the mount be a certain distance from the cab, providing proper turning radius. The Millennium models can be configured for multiple size truck beds botuh on the trailer and using accesories to extend the pin closer to the rear of the truck.


The Stealth Normad has a limited amount of customization. Items such as A/Cs, happy jack beds, E-Trackm spare tire, awnings, entertainment package, wall mounted soft and many more. Millennium models provide hundreds of options to completly personalize the purchase. Additional options include items like cabinets, lighting packages, flooring choices, and others too numerous to mention.

Standard Floor Plans

Both offerings have standard floor plans. The Nomad comes in sizes between 20 and 30 feet, while the Millennium Models are 24 to 53′. The length of the trailer is mostly chosen based on the garage area needed. The Nomad has 4 standard living quarters layout while the Millennium models come in well over a dozen layouts. The Nomad’s floor plan is mostly an “open concept” which means there is no wall betweem the living space and the garage area. Most Millennium models offer a wall separating the two areas. Millennium models feature a sofa or dinette, or both, kitchen, bathroom and the 16′ bunk model offers a fold down bunk.

Choosing the Right Trailer

Choosing the right trailer for you can be a daunting task. Both living space and garage space drive decisions. In living space consider to number of people that are going to sleep in the trailer. Also the amount of time spent in the trailer. In the garage area consider the room and storage required to haul your toys and their accessories. The great advantage to the a cusom toy hauler is that a choice on floor plan can be made and it doesn’t impact the available size. Most other industry offerings couple floor plan and size of the trailer. This severely limits choice.

Trailer Hauling Capacity

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