Toy Haulers

Millennium Trailers will soon be offering Toy Haulers. We are presently in negotiation with several manufacturers of toy haulers and will be providing these products shortly.

Toy Haulers are trailers that are designed to carry “toys” such as motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, or other motorized vehicles and also contain living quarters in the front of the trailer. A ramp on the rear of the trailer allows loading of the vehicles. The living quarters can include beds, kitchens and bathrooms. These trailers have a small garage area that is suitable for vehicles that are smaller than cars. The garage are is generally 10-14 feet and is sometimes open to the living quarters space, but can also have a wall separating the garage and the living space.

Call Millennium Trailers today at 1-800-978-7223 to order your new toy hauler.

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