Dirt Race Car Trailers

Millennium offers dirt race car trailers for sale.

An important consideration when buying dirt race car trailers is the width of your vehicle at its widest point, which is likely the rear tires. Most trailers have a standard opening between 87-91 inches. Some trailer manufacturers provide an option to get a 96 inch wide ramp door. This wider ramp door will accommodate most dirt track race cars. If the ramp door is not wide enough, you may need to use loading tires that are smaller than your normal tires just to get the car in the trailer. A secondary width consideration is the distance between wheel wells inside your trailer. If you car is too wide for the wheel wells, ramp that are place over the wheel wells are provided by many manufacturers. Consider these two issues when shopping for dirt race car trailers, neglecting these could render more difficult to use.

Many other considerations are covered in the topics below. Visit those pages for specific information about any topic. We recommend you also visit the tie down, axles, flooring and race car trailer cabinets sections.