Enclosed Living Quarter Trailers

Welcome to the Millennium Trailers Living Quarters/Lounge Conversion portion of the web site. Are you just starting to think of a living quarter trailer? Do you wonder how much it will cost? What the standard features are? What length you will need? What is available on your particular budget? How many people it can sleep? What your choices are in bathroom facilities? What size tanks are standard and can you upgrade them? Can you customize? What options are available for the cargo area? What size axles do you need? Will you need the propane option? Will you need a furnace? What size generator you will need? What layouts are available? Do you want extra height? How long will it take to complete? We can assist YOU!

Millennium Trailers will provide you with personal and individual attention so you too can join the growing list of racers who are already experiencing the Millennium Difference. Millennium Trailers offers you the knowledge, customization, flexibility, and care and consideration you need when you are deciding on budget, model, standard features, and available options.

Millennium Trailers offers you CHOICES!