Enclosed Trailers

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Enclosed Trailer Information

Our enclosed includes products for all budgets, we offer the Millennium Select. The Millennium Silver is one of our more popular enclosed car trailers, with some added standard features. When you think of a flashy, attention-grabber (something to turn heads out at the track), the Millennium Gold is what you’re looking for. Finally, for those who racing and looking for the top of the line, Millennium Diamond models would be a great choice for enclosed race car trailers. Each model of enclosed trailers has its own distinct look and standard options. Millennium Silver has a high-dollar look without breaking the bank. Sleek racing design and features that can’t be beat. The Millennium Gold sports an 18″ aerodynamic V-nose front. Millennium Diamond sport a bright anodized bull nose front with cast corners, wide bright anodized skirting, heavy duty axles, insulated roof, LED tail lights and more! Whatever your needs, you will enjoy the sleek racing style along with fine quality that we at Millennium strive to provide for our customers.